Saturday, February 10, 2018

Day 2 and 3 and 4

So, some days I have cell signal, most days I don't. Yesterday, I didnt. But really, I don't think I need to update this every single day.

Day 2, Feb 9... Man, that was a tough Day! I obviously don't have my trail legs yet, and being from Florida it's even harder for me. But I got to the top of Springer Mountain and the official start of the AT. It was amazing! The view, the history behind it and the sense of accomplishment after climbing up.

 And then the amazing beauty of the streams and tree cover down in the gap.  And then up another mountain and then down into another gap... I'm sensing a trend.

The day ended with me taking a wrong turn and going about 2 miles round trip on the wrong trail. Which placed me pretty close to sunset by the time I got to the shelter I was aiming for, and absolutely exhausted!  But I was greeted by two other hikers Ketti and Maximus, who were already there, that were super welcoming!

Day 3...And now, quite a storm has rolled in, so the three of us decided to grab a ride to a hiker hostel, Mountain Crossings at Neels Gap. A great place to resupply, regroup, take a shower and head into town to grab a few at the pub!

So far, even after only a couple days... This is the hardest thing I've ever done and the most amazing thing!

Love to you all! I'll edit this post tomorrow with a day 4 if we stick around due to the crazy storm.

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