Thursday, January 25, 2018

Technology and Things and Stuff

Moms worry. It's their job. And it's a good thing!
But I'm trying to ease that a little bit by stocking up on all the tools I can find!

So, I got a GPS tracker for my AT thru-hike :)  It will update my exact location every 5 minutes while it's turned on.  It works anywhere in the world, so as I venture around Europe, it will update then as well.  The coordinates will be plotted on a Google map and everyone can follow along at home. And it even has a button that I can press that will send emergency services out to my location, even if I have absolutely no phone signal.  Nice, huh?  Technology nowadays is amazing and my mother is feeling a little bit better about this whole crazy trip of mine... a little bit.

Here's the link to the map, so you can keep an eye on me, like the creepy stalker you are ;)

I'm obviously not going to turn it on until I leave, because who really wants to keep clicking refresh and notice that I'm still sitting at home, in the exact same spot? 

I set up a YouTube channel as well... Although, I'm not the best at taking and editing videos... but I guess you have to start somewhere.  At the beginning, it might just be a few 1 minute clips of me saying "Hi mom! I'm still alive! Yay!".  But hopefully, over time and with practice, I'll be able to string together some ideas and edit videos that are kinda fun, do a decent job of documenting my experience and maybe even teach people out there a thing or two.  Who knows!

Here's the link to the YouTube channel:

So, there's a pretty nifty app for the phone that is chock full of information, almost down to every tenth of a mile of the Appalachian Trail is documented: where the nearest water sources are, the next shelter, road crossings, lookout points, the nearest store/hotel/hostel, etc. All in one amazing app! People also add their own comments and pictures (for instance, letting others know is a water source has dried up or is flowing).

And don't worry, I'm not just relying on technology.  I know that sometimes it fails, sometimes batteries go dead or sometimes things are just incorrect.... That's why I also have a paper guidebook, paper maps and a compass.

Is everyone a bit more comfortable now??!!

Ok, good :)

Lots of love to you all!


  1. Let the creepy stalking commence!
    Love you, Erin.
    I'll be watching and rooting for you; what an amazing adventure.

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